Selling property through visibility

Want to sell your property quickly and at the best price? For Joëlle Bitar, a licensed real estate broker, it is essential to be visible to find a buyer as soon as possible. Today, she collaborates with many brokers, both in Canada and internationally.

Joëlle Bitar likes a challenge. That’s why she’s banking more on selling than buying a property. “I love negotiating,” she explains. I am of Lebanese origin; it is part of my culture!”

Plex, cottage, residential house or apartment, Joëlle Bitar does not shy away from anything. On her website, she even offers a guarantee to buy your property if it doesn’t sell.

Over the years, this outstanding salesperson has managed to distinguish herself by developing many tools to support her clients throughout this important stage of their lives.

International visibility

Joëlle Bitar is fluent in French, English, Arabic and Spanish, which has allowed her to develop a vast network of contacts in the real estate industry around the world.

So, little by little, she began to spread the word about her clients’ real estate beyond Canada’s borders by giving them greater exposure around the globe.

To do this, each property is translated, displayed and promoted on more than a hundred international websites and portals, thus multiplying the opportunities to sell and buy real estate in Montreal.

“When I post a property in China, it’s not uncommon for Chinese people in Montreal to respond, simply because it’s posted in their language,” illustrates Joëlle Bitar.

This visibility at the same time allows a property to be sold more quickly, but also to have better negotiating leverage. “We only work with buyers who have qualified beforehand, with their bank for example,” the broker adds.

“To sell at the best possible price, the property must have the best visibility,” Joelle Bitar continues. I outbid, meaning I sell for more than the listed price.”

A team effort

Other than visibility, Joëlle Bitar believes the system she has in place has a lot to do with her success. For example, she offers sellers a free online evaluation of their property.

She can also count on a solid team of about ten people responsible for supporting her on a daily basis by, for example, responding to requests for information from her clients and potential buyers and brokers.