The Remarkable Journey of Real Estate Expert Joelle Bitar

Joelle Bitar was born in Lebanon during a period of conflict, spending her formative years there before moving to Montreal at the age of 11. Growing up amidst adversity shaped Joelle’s character. Transitioning to a new country with its own challenges and opportunities endowed her with remarkable resilience, adaptability, and a deep-rooted sense of empathy.


Bitar acquired her real estate broker’s license in 2007, and she has kept an assertive mindset ever since. Joelle has built quite a remarkable track record of selling residential and luxury properties, regardless of the asking price. Her accomplishments are the product of her dedication, attentiveness, and unwavering attention to detail. 

Renowned for her expertise in real estate, Bitar is characterized by her enthusiasm and drive. Joelle Bitar has mastered the intricacies of both residential and commercial real estate, and holds accreditation as a chartered real estate broker and agent from the Collège de l’immobilier du Québec. Additionally, she possesses a degree in real estate law and taxation. 


For more than 15 years, Bitar has consistently ranked among the most productive real estate brokers in Quebec, garnering numerous awards. She led the #1 team at RE/MAX Action for three consecutive years, maintained a Top 100 position in Canada for five years running and earned esteemed membership in the RE/MAX Quebec Diamond Club, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most accomplished professionals.

Inducted into RE/MAX’s Hall of Fame, Joelle is honored for her unwavering dedication to her craft and her clients. She stands as one of Canada’s premier real estate brokers, supported by a team of professionals who all share her commitment to excellence.

Strategic Marketing with Joelle Bitar

Joelle’s clients benefit from an array of advantages. They receive exposure on 110 specialized real estate websites in multiple languages. Additionally, they benefit from outreach to Joelle’s VIP list of local and international buyers and investors. Furthermore, they gain visibility to over 100,000 individuals through her extensive social media network. With an impressive annual marketing budget of $500,000, Bitar ensures her clients receive exceptional visibility.

Having sold hundreds of properties, ranging from extravagant mansions to multi-plex residential homes, Joelle boasts an annual sales record exceeding $100 million. Her clients know they have a reliable advocate on their side for finding their dream home, marketing a property for sale, or navigating complex real estate contracts.

Dedicated Service

Joelle’s unwavering professionalism and client-first mindset ensure she provides stellar service at every turn. Her fruitful career attests to her skill in making every real estate transaction a deeply personal and rewarding occasion for her clients. Joelle’s blend of in-depth knowledge and individual focus guarantees that every buyer and seller experiences the highest standard of guidance and support on their real estate voyage.

Empathy and Expertise

Joelle’s unique journey from growing up in a war zone to becoming a beacon of the real estate world equips her with an unmatched empathy for her clients’ needs. This empathy, coupled with her extensive expertise, enables Joelle to navigate the complex webs of the real estate market with finesse.

Whether it’s the thrill of a first home purchase or the strategic maneuvering required for a successful high-stakes sale, Joelle’s acumen ensures her clients are in capable hands. She tailors her approach to each transaction, recognizing the uniqueness of each property and person’s story. It’s this personalized service that transforms standard transactions into fulfilling, life-affirming milestones.

Joelle Bitar’s Legacy

Joelle Bitar’s reputation is not built on her achievements alone but on the lasting impact she has on her clients’ lives. Her role extends far beyond the closing of a deal; she’s a lifelong consultant, a negotiator, and, often, a friend. The repeated endorsements and referrals from Joelle’s clients testify to the trust and satisfaction she has cultivated over the years.

Her dedication to this understanding makes her not just a broker, but a trusted custodian of her clients’ aspirations. Whether presenting a tranquil countryside retreat, or selling a gorgeous multiplex in the city, Joelle Bitar stands as a paragon of customer-centric real estate excellence. Every handshake is a promise of a home, and every sale a chapter in someone’s story of ‘homecoming’.